2012 FEASTIVAL to Support Philadelphia Live Arts and Philly Fringe


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Philly FeastivalIf you love food, then you will love the FEASTIVAL! The FEASTIVAL is an out of this world fundraiser event for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The FEASTIVAL features many of the city’s best and biggest eateries. Everyone knows that Philadelphia is known for the best food out there. There are so many restaurants out in the city that it is too hard to choose just one. Well, don’t fret! At this event, you can pick as many restaurants as you want; it is an event that you will not want to miss!

This year’s FEASTIVAL will take place on Wednesday, September 12. It is located in Pier 9, 121 North Columbus Boulevard. This is the 3rd year of the FEASTIVAL. This event was said to be one of the best events in the last decade. Because the FEASTIVAL is supporting the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, there are many artistic aspects to it as well. It is a celebration of the arts and food. There are over 80 restaurants in the FEASTIVAL this year. Some of the amazing restaurants in the FEASTIVAL this year include Pod, Blackfish, Nectar, Percy Street Barbecue, and Supper. There are many more Restaurants featured at the event.

This event is sponsored by many big names, such as Audi, PECO, Amstel Light, SKYY Vodka, and many more. This event is basically one giant party. There will be live performances from very popular artists. If you have ever seen or heard of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, you know that it is very unique. Well, the FEASTIVAL has the same vibe. Paradigm Magazine said, “This truly was a party from a different world.” Food, drink, art, and music all at one venue going to a good cause — what more could one ask for? Well, there is also a live auction that takes place during the event. There are also packages and raffle opportunities.

There are VIP tickets and general admission tickets. The VIP tickets are $350 dollars, but come with much more than the general admission tickets. VIP features early admission (5pm), and auction preview, private chef demonstration, and exclusive bar service. The general admission tickets are selling for $250 dollars. Either way you go, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Order your tickets soon!


Philadelphia Fringe Festival


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Philadelphia Fringe FestivalThe Philadelphia Fringe Festival is an event known throughout the theater community. Not only does the festival appeal to those in theater, but also it appeals to many other types of performers.

It appeals to singers, artists, and even the ever so popular Nippulini – an act where a man lifts things with the piercing on his nipples.

One could easily say that they will find performances during this festival unlike any other — and there are almost 700 different events.

The Fringe Festival began in 1997 by five Philadelphia artists. Actually, this year is the fringe festivals 15th anniversary! Supposedly, it was originally formed as an outlet for other performers. It was supposed to be shown for experimental performers so they could show everyone what they had to offer. The event if now two weeks long, but when it started out it was a five-day event.

Almost every fringe festival has taken place over Labor Day weekend. That is not always the most convenient time for some of those last of the summer beach goers. Nevertheless, this year, the fringe festival begins on September 7th and runs until September 22 — so now it will be easier for people to go to the shows. This year is bound to be a very fun festival!

Even though there are some “out of the box” shows at the festival, there are a lot of family friendly options as well. Also, because the festival takes place in the city, and only the city, you’ll have the options of the best food around. So, whether you want to hear someone sing all night, watch a play with the family, or watch some unexplainable performances, then the fringe festival is the place for you.

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